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1. Of Man and Monster - Click Here
2. Runnersmile - Click Here
3. Den of Sharks - Click Here
4. Maximum - Click Here
5. Brittle Bullet - Click Here
6. Until Infinity - Click Here
7. Dance At Your Own Risk - Click Here
8. Wired As A Weapon - Click Here
9. Don't Believe in the Moon - Click Here
x. A Different Road - Click Here

I dig the production VERY MUCH. It has a video game/comic book movie feel to it. The track "Of Man & Monster" sounds more crisp than the original (I marked out for it). The track "Runnersmile" sounds like the sequel to "Minute Made" [from the EP, The Definition of Deviation]. I'm proud to be a fan of Face Time Police. -Mike Bradley (Chicago, IL)

As one of Face Time Police's biggest fans, I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for this album to come out. This album DESERVES attention, especially the title track "Don't Believe In The Moon." Between the new material and the re-imagining of some of their older stuff, it's such solid work and really shows why Face Time Police is in its own category. I'm star-struck. -Justin Mane (Detroit, MI)

Once again we are treated to a flawless Face Time Police release! True to form, each song on the album is a completely different genre, yet it still has that classic FTP quality to it. From the pumping bass line in "Runnersmile" to the gentleness of the brilliantly re-worked "Until Infinity" and the title track "Don't Believe In The Moon" that just makes you want to hold a loved one and dance, to the aggressively melodic "Wired As A Weapon" and "Maximum," there is absolutely nothing to dislike! Face Time Police are a rare occurrence; a band that is consistently spectacular and always fresh! Long may their reign continue!" -Grant Hay (Scotland, UK)

The new album is amazing! I've been listening to Face Time Police since around 2006 when A Lesson In Articulation [demo EP] came out. You can really tell how much Brian and James have grown as songwriters and artists between then and now with Don't Believe In The Moon. "Runnersmile" and "Den Of Sharks" are probably my two favorite songs on the album and my week old son also loves "Den Of Sharks" and "Until Infinity." Excellent job gentlemen, and hopefully some day I can take a father/son road trip to one of your concerts. Thank you for the years of amazing music and keep up the good work. -Matt Wesemann (Omaha, NE)

I really liked everything I heard on this CD. Face Time Police is extremely talented and versatile. They can play tons of instruments and they hit a lot of genres. There's definitely something for everyone on this CD. My personal favorites are "Runnersmile," "Den of Sharks," and "Don't Believe in the Moon." "Until Infinity" has a really cool sound. It reminds me of the "Enchantment Under The Sea" dance in Back to The Future. Since buying the pre-order special, I haven't been able to stop listening to it. It's professionally done and the quality is top notch. I'm surprised these guys are still considered local and the fact that they did everything themselves is extremely impressive. Their beats are bumping in my head right now and I have no plans of drowning it out with anything else for a while. Great buy! -Jace Rhea (Libertyville, IL)

Face Time Police really knows what the Hell they're doing. "Den of Sharks" and "Dance at Your Own Risk" are my absolute favorites, but "Runnersmile" really impressed me! THAT should have been the song of the Summer, screw Robin Thicke. So much music on the radio is empty. Don't Believe in the Moon [album] is catchy AND clever. This is the type of album that inspires other artists. This is the type of album that can save music. This is the type of album that people continue to talk about for generations to come. -Tami Benson (Jacksonville, TX)